Forming OEM partnerships to optimize pulp mill performance

Nov 22, 2022

Pulp mill performance and OEM partnerships

Many of the fiberlines operating in North America today are more than thirty-five years old. A lot of changes can occur in the mill over that long period of time. As the OEM for legacy fiber processing suppliers including Kamyr, Kvaerner, IMPCO and Sunds Defibrator, Valmet has the resources and expertise to identify root causes of existing system limitations, and develop realistic paths to optimize performance.

Solve problems with process studies and audits

Many variables impact performance in pulp mill operations. In the woodyard, on the fiberline and throughout the liquor cycle, Valmet OEM experts understand optimal processs conditions for pulp production, and work with pulp producers to identify opportunities to improve efficiency.

Plan ahead with customized spare parts plans

Careful evaluation and procurement of equipment parts can help minimize downtime. Partnering with the OEM to develop a customized spare parts plan helps mills prepare for outages and prevent unexpected delays. One recent example involving pulp washing equipment - legacy IMPCO vacuum washers and CB filters - and entailed full assessments of mill stores, detailed inventory planning and OEM recommendations for minimum spares.

Explore opportunities to re-manufacture existing equipment

Equipment and service needs for each mill depend upon its unique goals and processes. Valmet helps mills improve equipment availability and maximize efficiency of existing machinery through workshop services such as repairs, rebuilds and exchanges. Valmet Fiber Workshops help mill teams achieve performance goals by restoring equipment to original OEM specifications and warranty conditions.

Valmet is the OEM partner mills trust to keep operations up and running. For more information or to download our OEM Guidebook for Mill Operators, visit