Valmet manufactures exact duplicates of your air heater seals

Feb 4, 2015

Valmet manufactures a complete range of hot and cold end radial, circumferential, bypass, axial and post sealing assemblies including holding strips and hardware. Our technical library contains the dimensions and specifications for the majority of air heater seals. Periodically, a template or sketch of the seal segment requested is required to ensure exact duplication of the component.

Valmet manufactures a complete range of seal assamblies.Air heater seals greatly reduce regenerative leakage, improving heat rate, reducing fan operating costs and reducing gas volume to your pollution control equipment.

As circumstances and individual customer applications indicate, we will recommend alternate gauge and/or material specifications to reduce leakage, enhance reliability and longevity. We manufacture in Corten, or any grade of stainless, including 304, 309, 310 and 316.

Valmet fabricates exact replacement-in-kind seal assemblies.

For more information about air heater seals or seal assemblies, contact your Valmet representative.