Ensuring high uptime with Neles globe valves

Night sky at refinery

In terms of reliability and uptime our globe valves have proven their capabilities in even the most challenging process conditions.

We at Neles wanted to build a portfolio that covers all our customers’ valve needs. So, some years back we decided to add globe valves into our control valve portfolio, making it by far the widest and most comprehensive on the market today. Single-Source supply also means single-source responsibility. Life is easier when you know who to turn to.

Over the past 60 years, we have supplied hundreds of thousands of valves, providing us with vast experience and extensive knowledge of various control applications. We definitely know which control valve, material and coating best suits any given application or flow media. So, whatever your need or particular challenge, we can deliver the suitable standard devices or a customized solution to meet your needs.

Ideal for oil & gas and power applications

Globe valves are widely used in oil refineries as well as in gas processing, petrochemical, and chemical plants. The globe valve product line now allows us to provide almost all automated valves for oil and gas processes. We are happy about shown the interest, especially by customers in the Oil & Gas industry, and have received many orders from them for different applications varying from standard to severe service.

Regardless of the industry sector, all customers have one thing in common: they look for high process uptime with no unscheduled production breaks to reach high profitability. Uptime is really the synonym for reliability and financial success. Neles globe valves deliver just that, even in the most critical processes. They operate at extreme pressures and temperatures, and they are available with a variety of seat, seal, trim and actuator options to make them ideal for a wide range of process conditions.

Simplicity equals reliability

The fact that we offer both standard globe valves and special solutions for severe conditions makes us stand out from other suppliers. The innovative and fundamentally simple construction of the globe valves with their simple, yet very tight sealing is a great example of how we can make a big difference to our customers. Our R&D team approached the solution from a different angle than other suppliers. First, coming up with an idea, then simplifying it and engineering the best possible solution with regard to operation. The secret lies in an ingeniously simple construction – and simplicity, as we well know, means reliability.

Neles’ globe valves feature uncompromised safety and meet the highest environmental standards. Thanks to the innovative stem sealing solution, emissions from the valves are very low. For applications where zero emissions are a requirement, a special bellows seal solution is available.

Also, Neles’ intelligent valve controllers, such as the Neles NDX, are used in various industrial applications, and they are a perfect match for globe valves. Their unique diagnostics provides a solid foundation for valve performance optimization as well as for proactive and predictive maintenance.

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Written by Markus Hauhia.

Text originally published in 2016, and slightly updated in April 2022, due to the company name change to Valmet.