Your valve automation partner of choice in Europe

instrumentation schematic

Successful actuator sizing and instrumentation engineering according to customer specification takes time and resources. Trust is essential when relying on a 3rd party to automate your valve. When do you know you can proceed with confidence in the partner you have chosen?

Delivering precise automation configuration for your valves

Valmet engineered valve automation solutions throughout Europe

Look for a partner with expertise and experience. As an approved valve manufacturer for many end-users globally, our extensive knowhow in actuation and instrumentation positions us to deliver the most precise configuration for your valve, allowing you to stay focused on your core business.

Regardless of the manufacturer or type of valve you are planning to install, we offer reliable and high-quality engineered actuators and automation components with extremely short lead times across Europe. The layout of our centrally located automation center in Germany has been created with the idea of enabling us to serve our customers faster with lean manufacturing and FAT testing capabilities.

Actuator modularity for faster delivery of engineered valve automation

For many valve OEMs and skid manufacturers, finding a valve automation solution for compatible, approved products and short lead times is challenging. With Valmet as your trusted partner, you have access to ensured availability of component and reliable, quality build capabilities. Our modular offering means that when project specifications change, we can respond quickly to reconfigure your order and keep your project on schedule.

Pre-defined instrumentation

Our highly skilled engineers have the expertise to transfer any customer specification into the best possible solution. This involves attention to efficiency, quality, and reliability. We have addressed these points by developing a smart, modular offering of engineered actuator systems and pre-defined instrumentation.

When you place an order with us, Valmet has a wide range of high-quality parts from our world-renowned product brands readily available for the assembly and configuration of your needed solutions. The short shipping times across Europe make us a desirable alternative to competing solutions. The modular design based on decades of experience in valve and actuator technologies, ensures a seamless fit between our actuators and your valves.

Our Neles N1 series heavy duty scotch yoke actuator and Neles B1 series pneumatic cylinder actuators for quarter turn modulating control and on-off applications are prime examples of actuators that can be easily configured to suit a wide range of applications and industrial requirements. They can be assembled to your exact specifications and incorporated into your valve assembly in a fast plug-and-play manner.

Instrumentation Schematic

Valve automation partner for all your valve needs

Precise automation configuration for any valve, manufacturer or valve size.

On-premises actuator configuration to your specifications

Whether you are automating your butterfly valve, ball valve, globe valve or gate valve, our modular actuator design creates a new level of flexibility. Because we stock a wide variety of parts and components centrally in Europe, we can assemble your solutions to order. This also gives us the opportunity to carry out rigorous torque bench testing at our facility before sending out your order for fast and accurate ground delivery from relatively nearby.

Thanks to the sheer number of parts and components we stock locally at the plant in Germany, the unique combinations of valve actuator configurations we can offer is exponential. With our range of actuator frames, spring modules and cylinders we can meet a huge variety of design, sizing, and torque/pressure considerations. We can meet just about any specifications your industrial end customer may have in mind with the offering we carry locally.

Unexpected last-minute changes in specs are not at all unheard of when it comes to industrial valve assemblies. The modular design and large stock of parts and components also means that we respond quickly to late changes and new specifications to ensure a timely delivery.

We always take sustainability seriously

The optimized plant layout in Germany and the advanced logistics design are not only there to make the customers’ lives easier. We look at sustainability and environmental impact as an important consideration for everything we do. We take care of deliveries and transportation by shipping small parts in bulk and providing a short trip for heavy assemblies within Europe, minimizing the environmental effects of shipping and deliveries as much as possible.

Securing a successful and sustainable future is a core part of Valmet’s values and way of doing business. In addition to looking for the smartest and least impactful transportation solutions, our production and assembly processes are also always under scrutiny. Sustainability is built in into the way our products are manufactured as well as how they perform as a part of your process.

Focus on your valve business

So, if you are an OEM or skid manufacturer in Europe on the lookout for a valve automation partner, remember that Valmet is able to engineer multiple instrumentation configurations according to customer specification and can deliver high quality with the shortest possible lead times. It is worth your time to look into our engineered valve automation solutions that are stocked, assembled, tested and shipped out of a convenient location. Leveraging our qualified experts and our decades of accumulated experience to deliver the precise configuration for your valve means you can proceed with confidence with Valmet as your partner while you remain focused on your core valve business.