Simplify AFH tissue production with the Perini Proxima S6 industrial rewinder

Convenient and versatile, tissue products remain highly sought after throughout the world for away from home (AFH) applications. Tissue manufacturers and converters must manage the constant demand by adapting to the range of needs in ways that make sense from both a business and a production perspective.

Among the common sticking points in AFH tissue production is the breadth of products run on a single line. Frequent and sometimes complicated changeovers are necessary which, for manual systems, results in significant downtime and heavy dependance on operators to accurately and safely perform the tasks. Tissue converters and manufacturers lose productivity and profitability.

Valmet developed the Perini Proxima S6 Industrial Rewinder to help tissue converters and manufacturers address — and overcome — these traditional impediments.

In addition to producing industrial and consumer rolls at speeds up to 600 m/min and 30 logs/min using the consolidated Perini Sincro Winding System, the Perini Proxima S6 introduces:

  • Flexibility in product range and performance
  • Efficiency and operator safety during  product mix changes
  • Consistent quality control

Flexibility in product range and performance

Core diameter, roll diameter, sheet length, and perforation requirements generally vary widely in finished AFH products such as toilet rolls, hand towels, and industrial rolls. The Perini Proxima S6 provides maximum production flexibility in a single machine:

  • 10 minute automatic core diameter changeovers
  • Roll diameter capacity ranging from 90 to 350 mm
  • Core diameter capacity ranging from 30 to 90 mm

Efficiency and operator safety

Everything about the Perini Proxima S6 rewinder is focused on tissue converting efficiency, including its approach to automation. Tasks that were previously manual processes such as blade changeouts, reel changes, and core ejection are now automated and managed via an HMI control panel. Changeover times, maintenance, and adjustments are completed at the touch of a button — minimal downtime and operators never have to enter the machine.

It’s rare that doing things faster results in better safety, but these Perini Proxima S6 features make it a reality:

  • Forward-thinking digital technology
  • Independent servomotors and drives make maintenance more efficient
  • Optimized accessibility through high-position zone platforms and auto-lowering log exit gate
  • Availability of semi-automatic Easy Reel Change System for jumbo reel changeouts performed in 90 seconds

Consistent quality control

Using the Perini Proxima S6 rewinder simplifies production of AFH products, but are tissue converters and manufacturers sacrificing quality? No! At every step, the Perini Proxima S6 ensures the highest quality outcomes because of:

  • Large-diameter rollers for rewinding and perforation
  • Automated core diameter change on hopper and ejection to the front of the rewinder
  • Edge control plates that eliminate cone effect during rewinding
  • Effective ply bonding due to large edge embossers and anvil roll

A solution for operations of all sizes

Tissue manufacturers and converters of all sizes are choosing the Perini Proxima S6 Industrial Rewinder and have exactly what they need to operate effectively now and lean into the future.

Papeco, a small industrial producer of kitchen and toilet rolls among other applications, found the Proxima S6 to have “functionalities that were a perfect fit for our needs,” according to Papeco general director Emmanuel Coulon. Multiple changeovers and short product runs were causing production inefficiencies and also putting operators at risk. The Perini Proxima S6, combined with the easy reel change, directly addressed these challenges and allowed Papeco to easily manage daily product runs that contain as many as 10 different papers, each with unique characteristics.

AFH products are perennially popular throughout the world, and the current 21 million tons of tissue dedicated to AFH applications will likely only continue to grow. Contact us  to discuss how you can benefit from the Proxima S6 and the other world-class equipment and technologies we offer to the tissue industry.