Valmet technology solutions to consider to improve OEE

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is the objective measure of productivity in a tissue manufacturing facility. OEE provides data-driven insights into processes, and how those processes are either optimizing or obstructing best use of equipment and operators.

Identifying areas of OEE improvement gives tissue manufacturers tangible, actionable next steps to implement meaningful change. In the age of digital transformation, change includes technology — and Valmet is the preferred strategic partner and innovative leader in tissue technologies.

Why it’s important to focus on OEE

OEE is a powerful metric for managing availability, performance, and quality in tissue converting and manufacturing. It informs key decisions about ways to cut inefficiencies and recover profitability through:

  • Production Volume Consistency that ensures tissue manufacturers receive high-quality tissue products on time to enable increased speed to market that satisfies consumer demand
  • Operator/Shift Performance Utilization that leverages peak production time frames and normalizes desired goals and outcomes across all shifts
  • Downtime Minimization by targeting and monitoring tissue product quality in order to reduce costly rework and scrap, with the added benefit of keeping materials out of the waste stream

Enhancing OEE with Valmet technology solutions

Optimizing OEE is a strategic endeavor. That’s why Valmet is constantly innovating toward what’s next in digital transformation to help tissue converters and manufacturers operate squarely in Industry 4.0 — and beyond.

Key technologies and services for enhancing OEE in the Valmet converting portfolio:

Auto Web Starter

Tissue converting equipment web thread-up is one of the most important tasks an operator can perform. Traditionally, the manual process is also inefficient, wasteful, and potentially dangerous.

The Auto Web Starter automates and simplifies the web thread-up process with a series of three systems that work in succession:

  • Shuttle: Instead of manually guiding web, operators weave the web tail into the specially designed system of shuttles, attach the shuttles to the belt, and exit the machine to start the process from the HMI panel
  • Transfer: During transfer between belts, the web tail is automatically removed from the previous belt and transferred to the next belt while the machines run at low speed
  • Re-start: Auto Web Starter detects when the paper is completely spread, then automatically cuts the paper and re-starts production at full speed while simultaneously depositing excess cut paper in a waste bin above the tail sealer

Performance Service Program

The Performance Service Program is a different and flexible approach to tissue equipment maintenance. The program bundles all needed services, best practices, and expertise into a single service solution for:

  • Dedicated maintenance
  • Remote support
  • Spare parts management
  • Technical and performance testing

The Performance Service Program is available in four levels so OEMs can choose the package that aligns with their converting, packaging and fold equipment maintenance needs:

  • Lite: Two technical interventions in 12 months plus activities and suggestions on asset performance improvements
  • Plus: Two technical interventions in 12 months involving remote pre-assessment to identify maintenance activities and preorder spare parts for them
  • Advanced: Three technical interventions in 12 months that includes spare parts preordering, Tissue Performance Center (TPC) support, digital services, and training/services discounts
  • Custom: Provides all of the benefits of the standard packages, tailored to your specific needs

SAM Operational Solution (SAM)

SAM Operational Solution (SAM) is a digital solution developed around the idea that a system of machines can autoregulate itself to minimize quality non-conformities.

Acting as a virtual production supervisor, SAM performs real-time and reliable measurements of critical properties of raw materials and finished products — regardless of the skills and experience of the machine operator. Sam can automatically adjust production parameters in-line, keeping the production process and desired quality outcomes under control with no impact on line performance.

Sam solutions can be implemented across the entire production line using Ecosystem Sam flow to uniformly balance machine speeds and harmonize product flow. Individual Sam solutions for converting roll, converting fold, and packaging equipment are also available to help manufacturers target specific needs.

Closing productivity gaps in tissue manufacturing is a matter of continuous improvement and balance in availability, performance, and quality. Technology such as the Valmet Technical Improvement Programs (TIPs) makes sophisticated advancements in OEE on existing equipment more seamless and cost-effective  than ever before. 

Explore Valmet TIPs available for quick delivery and implementation to help you get — and stay — ahead of the efficiency curve.