Valmet Tissue Converting expands MY family to support the needs & success of tissue converters

With 100 lines sold and installed worldwide, MYLine a testament to how Valmet combines industry-leading innovation with cutting-edge technologies and support to provide tailored solutions to global customers. They trust Valmet to find ways to consistently reduce lead times, optimize OEE, and provide excellent value for the money – and the MY family of Perini and MTC brands delivers.

4 ways MY helps converters manage total cost of ownership (TCO)

MY technology encompasses four roll and fold offerings that help tissue converters maximize productivity and performance without driving up TCO:

  • Perini MySincro is designed for manufacturing toilet and kitchen rolls with diameters up to 160mm at a maximum speed of 450 m/min and an output of 30 logs/min
  • Perini MyLine is designed for manufacturing toilet and kitchen rolls with diameters up to 200mm at a maximum speed of 600 m/min and an output of 40 logs/min
  • Perini MyTime is designed for manufacturing toilet and kitchen rolls with diameters up to 200mm at a maximum speed of 800m/min and an output of 60 logs/min
  • MTC MyFold is based on the consolidated MTC vacuum folding technology to deliver top-level productivity and efficiency with an optimized line configuration for interfolded hand towel and facial tissue products

The lines’ efficiency, value, and ease of integration with existing processes has helped customers:

  • Meet latent market demand and increase sales by as much as 15%
  • Increase cycle capacity and improve finished product quality, in some cases attaining OEE of 82%
  • Equip converting lines for rolls with self-adjusting solutions to reduce dependency on operators, such as the Sam perf active system to continuously control perforation quality and the Auto Web Starter system for automatic passage of the web from the unwinder to the rewinder

Introducing MTC MyWize

The needs of the tissue industry and tissue converters evolve constantly, and often rapidly. To stay ahead of the curve Valmet continues to expand the MY family, pushing the boundaries of engineering and technology to bring time-, cost-, and labor-saving solutions to market. 

In keeping with that commitment, we’ve added a new bundle line solution for tissue fold products:

MTC MyWize

MTC MyWize is a bundle line solution dedicated to producing W or Z multifold products, that integrates a folding head based on proven MTC technology and integrates a steel/steel embosser. 

Together with the other units, unwinder, in-line bundler, and log saw, MTC MyWize is designed to: 

  • Obtain a maximum speed of 250 m/min or 10 logs/min
  • Handle parent reels with widths up to 1.9m

Putting Valmet expertise to work for you

Responsive to the needs of the tissue industry and our customers, Valmet has several MY pre-configured tissue converting roll and fold solutions available now for quick delivery. Visit the Valmet Equipment Showcase to explore the opportunities.