3 Ways the Catalyst embosser is helping tissue converters work smarter

Embossed toilet rolls, kitchen towels, and AFH products are popular throughout the world. The aesthetic appeal and enhanced features provided by embossing capture customers’ attention, and gives tissue manufacturers opportunities to differentiate their products on the shelf.

However, for tissue converters, the embossing process can present production inefficiencies and operator safety risk primarily due to the manual embossing roll changeouts. Switching the cumbersome steel rolls can take upwards of an hour, and requires an expert operator/mechanic to complete.

Finding a better way for tissue converters to streamline embossing operations while simultaneously enhancing operator safety was a top priority for Valmet innovators. The result? The Catalyst Embosser — the only embosser on the market with automatic steel roll changes for top and bottom positions. Embossing patterns are changed as easily as pushing a button on the HMI, improving safety, efficiency, and flexibility on the line.

Safety first

Advanced automation makes and keeps operators safe during changeovers and maintenance. The HMI-based embossing pattern changeover eliminates any manual operator interaction with the steel rolls or other potentially dangerous equipment parts. Plus, with the auto-changeover, there’s no need for use of an overhead crane which improves overall shop floor safety. 

Improved efficiencies

Available in S6 (speed up to 600m/min) and S8 (speed up to 800m/min) to accommodate the corresponding Perini Constellation rewinders, the Catalyst is reliable and a true timesaver.

Depending on the Catalyst model, the automatic changeover means single roll changes can happen in approximately 6 minutes, and two steel rolls can be changed out in as few as 10 minutes. Also, there’s no time-consuming adjustments after initial roll phasing because Catalyst auto-corrects home positioning for each roll.

As for changeouts and maintenance, the exclusive Active Exchange system allows for checking and cleaning idle rolls outside the machine — all while the line is running! Likewise, changing rolls in the embosser’s self-contained storage area can be done without interruption. Production remains seamless.

Production flexibility

The Catalyst embosser models provide 5 and 6 steel rolls for changeouts, double that of competitors. This industry-leading innovation, in conjunction with the safe and quick automatic  steel roll changes, gives tissue converters maximum production flexibility. Shorter production runs could be scheduled easily and completed more profitably for customers as there’s no need to account for downtime.

The Catalyst embosser is just one more example of how Valmet helps tissue converters maximize capabilities through automation and innovation. To learn more about Catalyst, reach out to our experts today.