Yankee Care Best Practices

Maintaining a safe Yankee dryer helps not only to ensure a safe environment for those working around the Yankee but also adds life and longevity to the asset.

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Taking care of your Yankee cylinder encompasses many activities and actions starting with the purchase decision.  Once your Yankee is on site and in operation, there are a number of regulations, best practices, and recommendations that can not only improve Yankee safety but also save you money.  In this webinar, we will discuss record keeping and documentation requirements and recommendations. 

We also review the different levels of Yankee dryer inspections ranging from visual inspections to fitness for service inspections.  The topic will ultimately cover how maintaining a safe Yankee dryer not only helps to ensure a safe environment for those working around the Yankee but also adds life and longevity to the asset.


Pete Fournier

Pete Fournier

Business Manager, Tissue Technology NA Valmet

Pete started in the Tissue Industry in 1979 and worked on a start-up team in a Maine on a Beloit C-wrap twin wire former. He relocated to Las Vegas, NV in 2003 to be part of a TAD machine start-up. There he spent three years in the desert making high quality structured tissue grades before moving to Washington State. Pete worked on the West Coast selling and servicing paper machine clothing to the Tissue Industry.
He joined Valmet in 2009 and relocated to New Hampshire where he had a regional role with Valmet serving the Northeast Tissue Customer and representing all Valmet Products. His primary focus turned to Yankee dryers in 2012, accepting a position with Valmet to support and promote the Yankee Service business within Valmet.
Pete recently accepted the position of Business Manager, Tissue Technology in the Service Field for Valmet.

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