AP Webinar: Sustainable solutions for water and wastewater management

In this webinar, we will deliver into Wastewater Solids Management and how to save cost through Wastewater treatment optimization.

Thu, 25 Jan 2024 06:00:00 GMT

Sustainable solutions for water and wastewater management – for Solid Waste Management and Cost Savings in Optimization  

Valmet Wastewater Measurements are engineered to deliver reliable, accurate wastewater insights. Our continuous online solids measurements and optimizer are developed to withstand the harsh environments of wastewater treatment and tolerate process disturbances.  They help significantly improve processes and operations. Reduce costs through chemical, energy and transport savings, while advancing sustainability goals through good wastewater treatment. Used together with Valmet Wastewater Measurements, the Valmet Sludge Dewatering Optimizer turns accurate measurements into process enhancements for significant savings.  

 In this webinar, you will hear:  

  • Wastewater Solids Management
    • Achieve considerable savings and a quick return on investment
    • Lower transportation costs and fuel consumption
    • Optimize chemical and energy use
    • Reduce in lab work and speed up responses to variations
  • Cost saving through Wastewater treatment optimization 
    • 24/7 optimization with less laboratory sampling
    • Save on polymer usage with continuous feedback on dosing effectiveness
    • Reduce energy for drying and incineration, along with transportation costs and saving in the CO2 emissions
  • Live Q&A 

Webinar Date: Thursday, 25 January 2024, 60 minutes presentation including Q&A

Time: multiple time zone covered, start times for each time zone are listed below:

New Delhi: 11:30

Bangkok: 13:00 

Jakarta: 13:00   

Hanoi: 13:00 

Kuala Lumpur: 14:00

Manila: 14:00

Seoul: 15:00 

Tokyo: 15:00

Melbourne: 17:00

Auckland: 19:00


Speaker and Moderator:

Heli Karaila
Business Manager, Waste Water
Automation Systems

Valmet in Finland

Timo Riippa
Sales Manager, Pulp & Paper Solutions
Automation Systems

Valmet in Asia Pacific


This is for free webinar for Wastewater, Pulp and Paper producers and municipal corporations only. Please don't miss out this opportunity to attend and discover more.