Reducing fresh water consumption in stock preparation process

Today, reducing the consumption of fresh water is on the agenda for all of us. Climate change and water scarcity in Europe are leading stakeholders and legislation to protect water by reducing pollution and promoting sustainable water use. In this webinar you will learn how using a disc filter and ultrafiltration can help you clean process water and reduce fresh water consumption significantly in paper, board and tissue mills.

Recorded webinar

Building upon the lessons from one of our most popular webinars, two of Valmet’s experts in stock preparation and recycled fibers are back to share how to optimize your water consumption. This is a recorded webinar; you can fill the form and view the webinar recording. 

Valmet presenters: 


Mauri Lattunen,
Senior Sales Manager, Stock Preparation & Recycled Fiber Solutions.

Mauri has ​​​​​more than 35 years of experience at Valmet. He has an extensive background as Product Manager for pulpers and screens, in new machine sales in Stock Preparation, Service Center Manager for Stock Prep, etc.
He spent around 10 years in France. Mauri holds Master of Science from Tampere Technical University, Finland.



Jose-Luis Vinuesa,
Senior Technology Manager, Stock Preparation & Recycled Fiber Solutions.

Jose Luis has 7 years' experience at Beloit as Stock Preparation Applications Engineer, Sales, Start-up and Project Manager. In addition, he spent 16 years at GL&V as Regional Manager for Southern Europe.
Jose-Luis joined Valmet 5 years ago.

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