Valmet Learning Services launches digital badges for customer training

May 26, 2021

Participants in Valmet Learning Services courses can now earn digital badges to celebrate and showcase their professional development. Badges can be awarded for any type of training including classroom courses, site training, and online courses.




Emmeli Olen is the Director of Valmet Learning Services


We are happy to announce that we now can offer our customers a platform for digital recognition of skillsEach year, thousands of individuals develop their professional skills through Valmet Learning Services. Digital badges are a great way of visualizing and promoting their learning progress."




Examples of Valmet badges, ranging from basic level (lower row) to advanced level (top row)

What is a digital badge? 

A digital badge is a validated indicator of achievement, competence, skill or participation in an activity or event. It is typically used to identify, recognize and display competence related to a specific skill, qualification, role, or task. Several badges can be combined into learning paths to support and motivate continuous competence development. Over time, the earner can build up a portfolio of digital badges from different issuers demonstrating their skills and expertise. Badges are personal and can be carried on by an individual when changing employer or career. 


Valmet badges follow the Open Badge Standard. Source: Open Badges / IMS Global




Heli Karjalainen, Specialist Automation Learning Services,  is leading Valmet's digital badge development team




Valmet Learning Services badges are issued according to the Open Badge Standard, which is the world’s leading format for digital badges. This means our badges can easily be shared across social media platforms or stored in digital badge backpacks. As our customers are in different stages of digital maturity, we have also made sure all our digital badges can be downloaded and printed as course certificates.”


How can I earn a digital badge with Valmet? 

For instructor-led courses, badges are issued to the course participants when the trainer has verified their course completion. For self-paced online courses, badges are automatically awarded when participants pass a course in the Valmet Online Learning platform. The badge recipient gets an email with a link to access, download or share their badge. Issued badges are also displayed in Valmet Customer Portal and Valmet Online Learning.