Valmet will deliver key technologies to Moorim Pulp & Paper

Feb 16, 2024

Valmet will deliver key technologies to Moorim Pulp & Paper for an upgrade of their fiber- and recausticizing lines. The deliveries will increase the pulp mill’s capacity, replace obsolete equipment and improve the environmental impact and are scheduled end of 2024.

”Valmet has been a trusted partner for our previous recausticizing plant upgrade and for this new projects we developed the technical solutions through supportive and active discussions with the Valmet Sales team. For this reason, Moorim’s management chose Valmet as the supplier,” says Sang Woo Kim, Project Director at Moorim Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.

Valmet’s concept for the fiberline upgrade not only replace obsolete equipment but also reduce the amount of equipment while still improving the washing performance and pulp cleanliness. By reducing the water consumption and effluent flows the environmental impact will be improved. With recausticizing capacity upgrade also the white-liqour yield will increase and eliminate the need for separate lime-mud washing. Both deliveries will assure high availability and low power consumption.

“We are confident that the introduction of Valmet’s TwinRoll presses in the fiberline will make a significant environmental impact with respect to water consumption and effluent load. Valmet’s proven high performance was one key reason for the selection of partner for this project. Also, Valmet’s white liquor filter technology with low suspended solids, over time, together with high dryness from the lime mud filter were important decision factors,” says Jaesung Eom, Director South Korea region at Valmet.

Jaesung Eom adds “As Moorim has the only kraft pulp mill in South Korea, we are especially happy for our cooperation and proud to have been chosen as a supplier for their fiberline and recausticizing upgrade projects”.

Technical information about the delivery

The delivery includes key process equipment, spare parts, project engineering, site services during the erection, commissioning, and start-up period. Key process equipment for the fiberline consists of Valmet Delta Screens, knot handling equipment, MC-pumps, TwinRoll Presses and centrifugal pumps. For the recausticizing a Green Liquor Cooler, White Liquor Disc Filter and Lime Mud Drum Filter. The automation package includes analyzers and measurements such as Valmet Recovery Liquor Analyzers, as well as Valmet Lime Mud Moisture Measurement.

About the customer

Moorim P&P Co.,Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing and distribution of paper and pulp products. The company offers printing papers including Gloss (two-sided coated), MFC, uncoated wood-free paper as well as hardwood bleached kraft pulp. The company's headquarters is located in Seoul, South Korea. Moorim P&P Co.,Ltd. was incorporated in 1974 formerly known as Moorim Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Moorim P&P is the only Korean company with both pulp production and paper manufacturing mills.

For further information, please contact:

Jaesung Eom, Director South Korea region, Valmet, tel. +821099003691

Eva Engelfeldt, Senior Sales Manager, Fiber Processing Business Unit, Valmet, tel. +46 70 680 52 19

Hamid Halimi, Global Sales Manager, Fiber Processing Business Unit, Valmet, tel. +46737786877