Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) solutions for marine

Solutions and remote services

To improve your vessel’s performance, vessel´s data can be utilized widely. The Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) offering covers an extensive range of solutions and applications for the marine industry.

Quick overview of your automation data - from anywhere

Optimized performance and lower operational costs

Scheduled maintenance instead of costly emergency repairs

Proactive support from Valmet's experts

The Industrial Internet is a valuable solution to improve a vessel’s performance by combining expertise and new insight from data. Experts can work seamlessly together with it using analytical tools to solve problems and optimize performance, regardless of time and place. This new technology also enables the possibility to create new types of flexible remote services.

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Remote connections enable rapid service

Through remote solutions and intelligent automation technology, Valmet's experts are easily available to offer support in technical challenges whenever needed. Troubleshooting and corrections can be monitored and performed remotely. The capabilities of the Industrial Internet optimize process operations based on vast amounts of monitoring data.

Remote solutions turn Valmet's expertise into concrete benefits through minimized downtime, improved energy efficiency and reduced operational costs. In addition, mobile solutions help your chief engineers work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Analyzer application for optimal performance

The Marine operation analyzer application analyzes operational data and creates reports based on the data received. It provides a deeper understanding of system performance over the long term. 

The application's main KPIs are continuously monitored by comparing the current level to target levels. Possible deviations from the optial level can be shown in more detail to find root causes and corrective actions. 

Thereby, optimized performance leads to lower operational costs. 

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Marine fleet management application for better performance

A comparison of similar vessels connected within a system gives a good understanding of your overall performance and any possible deviations between vessels.

With the information from the Marine fleet management application, underperforming and top-performing vessels can be studied to bring best practices to the entire fleet.

As a results, you will get reduced operating costs and predictive maintenance. 

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Would you like to get more information about our Industrial Internet solutions?

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