TIP New lower sealer

New and improved version of lower sealer for wrapper machine

TIP New lower sealer proposes replacement of the lower sealer on Siemens and Rockwell wrapper machines with a revised and improved version, which is currently installed on new generation machines such as A6T.

Improved quality

Improved pack quality thanks to the new continuous sealing process 

Increased saving

No more warp effect on moving-cables and lower mechanical and thermal stresses cause less breakages with an estimated savings of 35% on spare parts compared to the previous version

Greater efficiency

Thanks to this TIP maintenance activities related to breakages are reduced by 90% 

TIP installable on: Casmatic CMW424 – Casmatic CMW425 – Casmatic A5T 

Main characteristics

The type of sealing is continuous along the entire length of the pack, so in this way it is possible have packs with a greater uniformity and hermetically sealed. 

Thanks to the new connector system, which incorporates sensor and heating element, the entire group is also more orderly and functional, thus minimizing downtime due to maintenance.


*Please note that these are standard characteristics of the TIP. To receive additional information, contact us, clicking on "request a free consultation"

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