TIP Core perfumer

A new core perfuming system

It is a completely renewed system for the application of perfume on the cardboard cores as they pass on the conveyor belt towards the rewinder in operation. The efficiency of the line remains constant because no machine stops are required for refill the tank, even with the system in operation.

Improved quality

The new electrical cabinet eases future upgrades or improvements and allows the installation of cutting edge options


The system is positioned outside the guardings and it is easily accessible for refill and adjustment operations, without stop the line


Avoid waste of liquid by saving up to 50% of perfume in the continuous dispensing and 80% in the intermittent one 

TIP installable on all Valmet rewinders for tissue converting lines

Main characteristics

The system applies the perfumed lotion on the cardboard cores in transit towards the winding area of the rewinder. 

Through the parameterization of the control device, the perfume can be applied in different ways, the application time and the presence of one or two cores on the belt can be adjusted. 

The data exchange between the line and the control device allows to check its status and any errors. 


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