TIP Fire fighting system

Fire detection and extinguishing system for log saws

Due to the greater use of short-fiber cellulose for the production of paper, the risk of the outbreak of fires becomes very topical. A fire can break out at any time and, at best, means long line downtimes, but at worst the consequences can be even more severe resulting in huge capital losses.


Protects equipment from possible fires by detecting abnormal temperature variations 


The system periodically carries out the diagnostics automatically without intervention required by the operators 


It does not require systems with dedicated pumps or tanks and maintenance costs are reduced in comparison to other systems 

TIP installable on all Vamet's log saws for tissue converting lines

Main characteristics

The system consists of a control unit, a detection system and a low pressure extinguishing system connected to a certified flood valve. 

The distinctive feature of this device is that it is equipped with a self-diagnosis system: every 8 hours it independently discharges and recharges the air pressure inside the tubes. 


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