TIP Glue dilution

Glue dilution system

In the process of converting tissue paper into a finished product, glue plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing the required characteristics of quality and environmental sustainability.

Constant quality

The homogeneous dilution of the glue allows to reach a better quality because the system adjusts the mixture of water and glue according to the parameters entered

Environmental sustainability

Limits the need to dispose of the prepared glue to small quantities.


The glue is prepared in small batches that are always fresh so the waste of prepared glue is limited

TIP installable on all machines equipped with a glue system

Main characteristics

The management of the glue dilution can be managed manually or automatically. 

In the second case, the characteristics of the diluted glue will be better controlled, limiting the human factor at the plant supervision level and delegating the management of the quantity of components to be mixed to dedicated equipment. 

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