Sincro 5.5 line


The Sincro Model 5.5 continuous rewinder is an extremely flexible, consumer product rewinder for the production of bathroom tissue and household towel products.

Capabilities to adjust sheet count by increments of one sheet, finished product diameter adjustments and perforation length adjsutments can all be accomplished from the operator interface, without stopping the machine.

Part of the Sincro family of rewinders, the Model 5.5 includes the sincro transfer system to ensure positive cutoff and smooth transfers from one roll to the next. 

General information

Production year 2000 
Location Italy 
Operation status In production 
Availability October 2023 

Technical details

Machine width Line nominal width 2750 mm
Line composition
  • R2 x 4811 Unwinders
  • R4901 Embosser
  • R431G Embosser
  • R975F 4 col. Printer
  • RSincro 5.5 Rewinder
  • R560C Tail sealer
  • R511 Accumulator
  • R680B Log Loader
  • R182E /4 Log saw
  • R272 Corewinder
Optional/Upgrades installed
  • Independent DC motors 
  • Embossers with three-rolls gluing systems 
  • Axial/radial colour adjustment on print machine 
  • Cliché cleaning for each colour 
  • Embosser 4901 Tip to Tip
  • Colours alignment control on printing machine
  • Lite ply
Electrical platform Siemens S7, DC main motors 
Type of products

Toilet roll, Kitchen towel

  • Internal core diameter: 45 and 50 mm
  • External core diameter: 47 and 52 mm
  • Max log diameter: 160 mm
  • Actual sheet length: 95 – 140 mm
Speed/production rate Maximum mechanical speed: 550 m/min 

Additional Information

Optional/Upgrades available for installation
  • Doctor blade gluing system
  • SPT043 TIP 431G Pressure roll cleaning
  • SPT081 TIP Laser eye
  • SPT098 TIP New safety systems
  • SPT101 TIP HMI Replacement
  • SPT102 TIP Trimeasy
  • SPT109 TIP Glue filter
  • SPT112 TIP Firefighting system
  • SPT114 TIP Aquabond
  • SPT126 TIP Easy reel change
  • SPT133 TIP Cycle Unidrive replacement
  • SPT139 TIP Thermocameras
  • SPT144 TIP Perini Sam Perf
  • SPT151 TIP Perini Sam Log
  • SPT152 TIP Glue management system
  • SPT154 TIP Sam VAR
  • SPT156 TIP Perini Auto web starter

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