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Service description

Technical service

The Technical Service includes all the services performed by Valmet technicians on customers’ machines: maintenance, repairs, audits, spare parts replacement.

Technical helpline

A pool of dedicated specialists capable of offering technical support via phone to assess, analyze and supply assistance in solving any issue connected with the use of converting and packaging machines. Through this service it is also possible to notify failures, request on-site visits by technicians, schedule and request other services such as remote assessments (“Expert On Line” service) and Audits.

Expert on line

The Expert On Line service allows remote monitoring and assistance on our tissue converting lines. A safe system, simple to use and extremely fast, for 24-hr assistance.
It is a subscription service created for direct remote assistance by qualified technicians for supervision, updating, software acquisition and correction of work parameters.

Expert field service

A service aimed at technical and visits for maintenance, refurbishments, machine installations and emergency interventions. Qualified technical experts are available to identify any technical issues,
perform quality and efficiency audits on the production process and supply customized solutions.

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