Customer case:

Improved production with Advantage ViscoNip press and ReDry

Oct 25, 2023

The Advantage™ ViscoNip® press and ReDry™ rebuilds at Sofidel’s tissue mills demonstrate benefits related to improved product quality, increased flexibility and machine runnability. In line with their multi-option strategy for reducing environmental footprint they also contribute to lower energy consumption.

Tissue machine components ViscoNip and ReDry improve tissue production

“In Baglan we replaced the suction press roll installed on the Advantage DCT 200 machine with a ViscoNip press and also added the ReDry. We have seen, after 5 months of running the machine, about 20% reduction of drying energy consumption even though we are still in the so-called learning curve phase. We have also experienced less web breaks; the paper that comes off the blade is more uniform. This was also noted immediately in the converting mill where they now have more stability in the sheet”

Francesco Corrotti, Operating Coordination Director at Sofidel


Location Sofidel Baglan, United Kingdom and Kisa, Sweden
Customer challenge The customer reviewed components in the tissue machine to see where energy savings and production efficiency could be made as one action of achieving low-carbon economy. 
Solution Installed the Advantage ViscoNip press and the Advantage ReDry in two of their conventional tissue machines. 
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced web breaks
  • Improved flexibility for developing end products 
  • Improved press dryness
  • Improved runnability 
  • Higher flexibility in the end product 
  • Easy to operate 
Machine type Conventional technology Valmet/other supplier 

We have seen an improved flexibility. Linear load and load ratio is easily changed during operation without any disturbance on the quality or runnability of the machine”.