Customer case:

Creping blades changed based on online softness at Metsä Tissue Mänttä Mill

Dec 3, 2018

Valmet IQ Softness Measurement is the first on-line tissue softness measurement with proven correlation to laboratory softness analyzers as well as handfeel evaluation.

Softness information has been helpful in every day operation and we change blades according to the measurement”
Production Engineer


Location Mänttä, Finland
Customer challenge

Before softness was monitored with laboratory device with low sampling rate.

Challenge was the slow reaction time to changes in the process conditions.

Solution Online Valmet IQ Softness Measurement installed to scanner platform on yankee side.

Online measurement information available from softness and creping.

Good correlation to Handfeel Softness, which is measured with Emtec laboratory device.

Creping blade change done based on Valmet IQ Softness Measurement.

Keywords Tissue, Automation, Europe