Valmet IQ Softness Measurement

 An industry first - On-line Valmet IQ Softness Measurement for tissue

The accurate machine direction and high-resolution profiles measured by the Valmet IQ Softness Measurement (IQ Softness) provide a solid foundation for producing high-quality tissue and towel grades.

Optimize tissue softness, creping and coating operations with real-time measurements

Plan creping blade changes using real-time feedback about surface properties changes

Improve production efficiency and profitability through better control of softness and creping

Achieve a new level of tissue and towel quality

The Valmet IQ Softness is the first online softness measurement with proven correlation to laboratory softness analyzers as well as hand-feel evaluation. Using specially filtered real-time results from a continuous 3D topography image of the web, you are able to more efficiently and accurately control surface quality compared to conventional measurement methods.

IQ Softness as online sensor gives an instant response to softness and surface quality changes caused by factors such as furnish, coating chemicals, creping, layering, moisture uniformity, pressing, forming, dry- and wet-strength resin and basis weight changes.

High-speed optical measurement

The Valmet IQ Softness measures the surface quality of a moving sheet with high-speed image capture and analysis technology. High-powered LEDs evenly illuminate the measurement area, and a high-resolution CCD camera on the same side of the web takes snapshots for analysis.

Surface analysis is carried out by a built-in, sophisticated image analyzer which defines all surface quality parameters. Both the analysis results and topography pictures can be directly transferred from the Valmet QCS system to operator displays.


Measure key qualities for softness optimization

Several surface quality properties are included in the measurement. The measurement itself is unaffected by machine speed and automatically compensated for basis weight. Insulated housing and temperature stabilization eliminate condensation, while humidity and dirt are actively cleared by a dry air purge.

Online measurement of properties such as crepe count/cm, amplitude and shape enable optimization of creping operations and tissue softness, as well as help schedule blade changes. You can use the Valmet IQ Softness for troubleshooting, development trials, and production planning. In addition to the roughness properties and other information directly measured by the Valmet IQ Softness, you can generate other relevant variables for controlling production processes.