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Valmet Furnace Online Inspection Services

Our experienced field engineers are available to perform an extensive survey of your boiler.

High-quality inspection - Get reliable, detailed reports from experienced field engineers

Improve combustion performance - Valmet experts analyze inspection results to identify opportunities

Turnkey offering - Inspection, analysis, tuning and equipment service in one package

Decades of combustion know-how for better performance

The Valmet Furnace Imaging Service provides captured video and images from an operating boiler or furnace. Our experienced field engineers perform inspections of your boiler or furnace with portable camera equipment, delivering high-quality images of liquor spray, and start burner from secondary air level, and other areas.

Our expert inspection services help you improve your combustion processes.  We apply the full extent of our expertise in imaging technology and combustion applications to your unique requirements. With detailed visuals and reports, you get the information you need to optimize your combustion operations and pre-outage activities.

Get expert analysis, performance tuning and more

The basic Furnace Imaging Service provides a detailed inspection report containing images and video footage. This can be extended with an analysis report conducted by Valmet experts. Our detailed analysis report looks at, for example, slag deposits, burner condition, and cleaning performance. The report includes a description of the current status and a proposal for corrective actions.

Take inspection and analysis a step further by added our performance service that combines the analysis with process data. The performance service includes troubleshooting and tuning of the system for better performance.  Analysis and troubleshooting can also be performed remotely through Valmet Performance Center, while inspection and tuning are on-site.

You can also combine our Furnace Imaging Service with Valmet equipment service agreements. Our equipment services can include cleaning, calibrating, hot adjustments, repairing, inspections, and more.

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