Dependable in-line conductivity meter

Valmet Conductivity Measurement 3100

Accurate conductivity measurements are central to many industrial processes. The Valmet Conductivity Measurement 3100 delivers precise in-line readings you can rely on for years and years with little to no maintenance needed.

Durable conductivity meter that requires little to no maintenance.

Unique sensor head design for superior accuracy.

Certified for a wide range of applications.

Conductivity measurement device

Reliable results from trustworthy technology

Based on 4-electrode technology developed by Kemotron, Valmet's conductivity meters have proven their value in tough applications around the world. Thanks to their unique design, the sensors are highly resistant to scaling, delivering accurate results of over their entire life.

Valmet conductivity meters have a typical lifetime of more than 10 years, even in the harshest environments. After years of constant use, conductivity readings remain exceptionally accurate with minimum maintenance. All Valmet transmitters and sensors are made in Finland to the highest standards.

Conductivity probe

Change sensors without re-calibration

The conductivity sensors feature a robust yet simple construction that can withstand fast temperature changes. All sensitive components are located far from the measurement head to ensure resilience and operability. Our sensor range supports applications with up to 50 bar and 250 °C.

When it comes time to work on the sensor, changing units is easy. The cell constant is stored in the conductivity sensor and automatically recognized by the transmitter. You can switch to a new sensor unit without needing recalibrate or reenter the cell constant.

Certified for a wide range of applications

We offer a very broad selection of conductivity sensors. Our 4100 series sanitary sensors are designed for applications in food, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Select sensors fulfill EHEDG requirements for material, surface roughness, and steam cleaning.

Valmet sanitary sensors are EHEDG Type EL Class 1 certified. In addition, all wetted surfaces fulfill the hygienic requirement for surface roughness (Ra ˂ 0.8 µm). Metal parts are made from high-grade AISI316L stainless steel, and plastic (Teflon) components fulfill both EU and FDA requirements for materials used in contact with food.

Typical applications for Valmet sanity sensors include:

  • Cleaning in place (CIP) control
  • Phase separation
  • Steaming in place (SIP) control

We also offer special retractable sluice-mounted sensors.

Our 4200 series industrial sensors serve a wide range of applications in pulp & paper, power, and various heavy industries. Typical applications for Valmet industrial sensors include:

  • Condensate cleanliness monitoring
  • Cooling circuit leak detection
  • Pump pit leak detection
  • Brown stock washing control in pulp mills
  • Evaporator condensate purity monitoring
  • Purity control of surface water and wastewater outlets
  • Dissolved solids measurement

Key features


  • Two 4-20 mA current outputs for conductivity and temperature
  • 4 setup modes (2 for extra-low and 2 for high conductivity)
  • 13 temperature compensation modes
  • Automatic sensor identification
  • Mounting options for wall, panel or pipe
  • Power supply 85-265 VAC (line) or 18-30 V (loop)
  • HART® protocol included as standard
  • EHEDG certificate
  • 3.1 material certificate
  • Calibration certificate for conductivity
  • Calibration certificate for temperature
  • Certificate for surface roughness


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