Controllers & I/O

Valmet DNA Automation System

The Valmet DNA Distributed Control System (DCS) relies on efficient Application and Control Node (ACN) units for high-performance control and real-time management. The Valmet DNA ACN family ensures a dependable platform for all your controls and external connections.

Industrial controllers, I/Os, cabinets, workstations, and servers for reliable automation with 5ms control cycles

Easy commissioning and maintenance with redundancy and hot-swappable components

The automation system is secure by design and protected against cyber threats

Hardened against cyber threats

As a core component of Valmet DNA, our ACNs are designed for security. The Linux operating system is fully hardened with every individual component evaluated and managed. We use an independent third party to test and validate the security of all Valmet DNA ACN controllers. In addition to securing the fundamental building blocks of Valmet controllers and I/O hardware, we have developed unique solutions to further protect against cyber threats. Valmet DNA ACN controllers include an advanced Denial of Service (DoS) detection. If a DoS attack is suspected, the ACN protects the process application execution by blocking or limiting inbound traffic. A built-in access control feature can be used to further restrict network traffic. When enabled, only proprietary Valmet DNA communication is permitted.