Enhanced production optimization

Valmet DNA Energy Management

nhanced production optimization by Valmet DNA Energy Management

With Valmet DNA Energy Management, you can directly gain major savings in variable operational costs. Valmet’s production optimization solution is state-of-the-art software for energy companies and the energy-intensive process industry. The modular solution provides tools for accurate load forecasts and cost-efficient optimization of energy production and usage, electricity trading and heat networks.

Improved short- and long-term production planning

Reduction of heat and electricity production costs

Improved electricity trading potential

More transparent and autonomous production planning process

Optimal power and heat generation

Whether you aim to make optimized scenarios for long-term investment planning, optimize your production plans for day-ahead electricity trading or district heating demand, or integrate your production planning with electricity trading processes, we are able to help you with our advanced software. The Valmet DNA Energy Management system combines vast amounts of vital plant data and equipment characteristics with online information collected from external sources, such as the electricity market and weather service providers.

Our customers have highlighted the benefits of the simulation database in making calculations about future investments and their possible profitability. Based on these calculations, the system also gives automatic plant startup recommendations, which are highly appreciated by our customers. By integrating DNA Energy Management with Valmet’s district heating and boiler optimization solutions, you can make your energy production fleet even more autonomous and ensure the most flexible operations.

Example of the energy optimization improvement_Valmet DNA Energy Management_636.jpg

Example of the energy optimization improvement

Energy savings for industrial users

The Valmet DNA Energy Management system is also applicable for energy-intensive industrial processes. By combining electricity purchasing with production planning, you are able to optimize your production based on the electricity price. You can also improve transparency and communication between energy purchasing and production personnel.

The new digitalized solution will enable us to combine electricity purchasing and production planning in Sastamala and Joutseno. Thanks to the system’s calculation model, our plants will be able to optimize production at the right time, according to electricity price variations. We will gain significant electricity cost savings at an annual level".
Ilkka Palsola, Project Manager, Kemira Chemicals Oyj

With Valmet, you have many diverse options to automate and develop your plant processes to maximize your gains in the electricity market. Ask us how!

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