Rapid root cause analysis for web quality

Valmet IQ Web Monitoring System

The Valmet IQ Web Monitoring System (Valmet IQ WMS) provides higher-quality images than before for analysis purposes, enabling to take virtually instantaneous corrective measures. These features maximize production line efficiency and product quality.

Automated root cause analysis - automatically detect events before they turn into real problems

Increased runnability and profitability - less downtime from faster detection and analysis

Integrated control - easily connect to other systems for preventive management

Better production line performance

The Valmet IQ Web Monitoring System (Valmet IQ WMS) not only delivers a high-definition live video feed, but it can take still images from the video to capture critical events in the process. Images of web breaks, tail threading and defects are synchronized by position and available for review from Valmet IQ WMS user interface.

Automated synchronization of images minimizes the time for finding the root cause of the break. Automatic image analysis can identify abnormal events in production, such as a small tear or hole. Alarms triggers by automated region of interest analysis help operators to quickly react to changes in the process and shorten downtimes, leading to better overall runnability.

Efficient, high-quality vision

The compact camera enclosure of the Valmet IQ WMS features a modular design for different cameras and optics, such as a manual, motor zoom or pinhole. The standard black and white camera is equipped with a high-sensitivity full HD Sony CMOS sensor delivering live 4K video. A full-color camera is optional.

The Valmet IQ WMS uses a separate stroboscopic LED module that is synchronized with the camera for optimal light pattern and direction to illuminate the entire camera view. The 140 LEDs deliver 45,000 lumens for crisp, clear image quality with fine details for in-depth analysis

Integrated future-proof technology

Camera and LED enclosures are made with acid-proof 316 stainless steel, and all cables are equipped with quick connections, making the system both simple to install and easy to maintain. The latest iteration of the Valmet IQ WMS offers extended recording times, higher image quality, and defect detection to help operators ensure overall product quality and machine runnability remain high.

Quality hardware is just the beginning of web monitoring. Image and videos are transferred uncompressed without losses or disturbances to high-powered servers for processing by proprietary Valmet IQ WMS software. The software includes an easy-to-use operator interface with configurable displays and reporting tools for quick, efficient operation.

Even with all these improvements, the Valmet IQ WMS remains fully compatible with older-generation systems and can also be used in secure, virtual software environments. When integrated with Valmet's QCS, WIS, DNA Info, and other Valmet Industrial Internet applications, you get complete control of your machines for pro-active production management.