OptiReel Pope and OptiReel Linear

Reels without center drives: The reeling workhorses

OptiReel Pope and OptiReel Linear without center drives are Valmet’s standard reels. They provide just the right level of reeling technology required by grades and operations with less demanding reeling conditions. They are especially suitable for containerboard and uncoated fine paper grades.

Compact layout, easy to install in existing production lines

High turn-up efficiency

Proven technology and components

Clear user interface

Compact layout

As Valmet's reels without center drives have a compact layout, they are easy to install in existing production lines. Discover more about OptiReel Linear


High turn-up efficiency

As for all Valmet's reels, the turn-up efficiency of reels without center drives is very high - even as high as 99 %. The parent roll changes are made quickly and cleanly. There is a significant reduction of reel bottom waste with this completely automatic turn-up operation.



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Want to talk to our reeling experts?

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Proven technology and components

You can rely on OptiReels without center drives:

  • The technology used in is highly proven with numerous references all over the world
  • No compromises have been done with the components used to meet the high requirements of Valmet's reel.


Clear user interface

OptiReels without center drives are easy to use. The reels are rebust and their user interfaces are clear. 

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