High consistency pulping

Valmet’s high consistency pulper is a vertical-entry pulper designed for high efficiency. The rotor with hard-coated blade profile ensures good paper disintegration and effective separation of contaminants from fibers. Gentle slushing of high-consistency pulp minimizes the breakdown of contaminants such as plastics, adhesives, films and stickies. For deinked grades, the pulper promotes the detachment of printing ink and color particles with minimum particle dispersion, thus improving the downstream efficiency of screening, washing and flotation processes.

After slushing the pulp is discharged, either through a secondary pulper where contaminants and fibers are separated, or in highly contaminated raw material cases, through the pulper screen plate where reject at the end of the batch is fed to a drum screen for fiber recovery. In both cases these auxiliaries remove heavy trash and plastics, in addition to recovering fiber, and ensure the best preconditions for the next process stage.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient pulping result
    • Effective slushing and separation of contaminants from fibers
    • Special rotor shape with long-life hard-coated blade profile
    • Efficient absorption of chemicals for fast fiber hydration and swelling
  • Reliable and vibration-free operation
    • Robust and firmly reinforced pulper vat design
    • Compact rotor unit design
    • Separate primary shaft bearing unit for belt drives
    • Simple, stick-free reject discharge hatch available for reject drum application
  • Low processing costs with high energy efficiency
    • Efficient energy distribution to entire pulp batch
      Wide range of pulper sizes for optimum investment cost and energy consumption
    • Innovative design to reduce maintenance needs