Winder Diagnostics for board and paper machines

Optimizing winding performance with data-driven analytics

Valmet Winder Diagnostics gives detailed insights into your winding performance, with a winder reliability agreement we collaborate to help avoid unplanned stops, and increase the overall end-product quality.

Make data driven improvements

Increase quality of end-product

Remote expert monitoring

Data-driven winding performance

You might assume everything is running as it should, but with Valmet Winder Diagnostics you will know. By utilizing the data from your winding process Winder Diagnostics gives you useful production insights, and helps you understand where there is improvement potential. Winder Diagnostics is a Valmet Industrial Internet solution and belongs in the Machine Diagnostics family.

Discover winding anomalies

See winding performance in real time and easily identify problem areas as they occur. This lets you quickly take appropriate action, streamlining the winding performance and thereby optimizing your whole production.

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Avoid unplanned stops and shutdowns

Stay on top of your winding and avoid massive equipment breakages and failures that lead to unplanned stops and shutdowns. Winder Diagnostics lets you see issues that might cause a bigger disturbance before it’s too late.

Lower costs & increase quality

The data from Winder Diagnostics will help you to proactively optimize your winding process. This means you can lower your maintenance costs because of better maintenance predictability, and at the same time maximize the paper roll quality thanks to optimized performance.

Get dedicated support & service

Winder Diagnostics is remotely connected to our Valmet Performance Center. Our support specialists continually keep track of your winding performance and react to any issues immediately. They study each case and get back to you with proposed solutions, so you can take immediate action and never skip a beat in production.

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