Press roll covers for board and paper making

Improved machine runnability with press roll covers

Roll covers for pressing (earlier PressFox, PressJade, PressTaurus, PressRhino, PressKodiak)

Roll covers in the press section have a strong impact on production line efficiency, capacity and product quality. Along with press section clothing, they are key components for dewatering through the wet pressing process. Especially in center roll-based presses with an open draw, roll covers also directly affect machine runnability. The most important rolls in your machine deserve superior covers.

Reduced downtime

Increased production

Savings in energy consumption

Roll covers tailored for your unique needs

Valmet press roll covers range from economical rubber covers for less demanding applications, to the toughest roll covers providing the most efficient dewatering technology. Covers can be designed for the unique needs of any application. Cover topography can be tailored for maximal dewatering, and non-felted rolls can have surfaces with release characteristics adjusted for the specific grade being produced.  

Valmet offers soft press roll polyurethane covers for demanding process conditions such as LNP rolls and suction press rolls. They can operate under the highest loads and at the highest speeds – and still save energy and need less maintenance.

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For grades requiring more gentle nip pressures (e.g. to achieve bulk savings), soft but still extremely durable roll covers can be applied without sacrificing roll reliability and run period lengths.

Wet pressing in containerboard production

A key to higher energy efficiency, and often a significant enabler of a capacity increase, is optimal wet pressing performance. Increased nip dewatering improves drying capacity and increases sheet dryness, with a remarkable effect on energy costs. For example, increasing post-press dryness by 1.5 percent unit means savings of approximately €1.3 million in drying energy costs (case linerboard 400,000t/a). 


CO2 reduction and energy savings for highly loaded press rolls

The latest PU press roll cover products like the Valmet Press Roll Cover PP and PK have a lower friction coefficient, thanks to intensive R&D work that has resulted in lower rotation resistance under high nip loads and thus a reduction in the press drive’s power consumption. Allowing for a 15% reduction of drive energy compared to typical rubber,  CO2 reduction -0.2 kg/t per roll.

Find optimal roll covers for every board and paper process

Find optimal roll covers for every board and paper process

Explore our press roll cover products from interactive demo. By exploring this roll cover application tool you can easily see different cover options for every board and paper making process.

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