Bale pulping

Valmet Bale Pulping

Excellent runnability

A hydrodynamic rotor allows for consistency variations within the vat without experiencing runnability issues.

Minimal maintenance

Reliable and predictable operation contributes to a low maintenance requirement. 

Energy-efficient design

Optimized vat and rotor designs reduce the required energy consumption necessary for desired pulping results. 


Wide application and capacity range.

Cost-efficient repulping of baled market pulps

Valmet Bale Pulpers achieve high runnability and optimal slushing results.

Valmet’s Bale Pulping solutions, including vertical and horizontal pulpers, offer cost-efficient repulping of baled market pulps. A vertical pulper is the best choice when targeting homogeneous slushing results with low energy consumption, while a horizontal pulper, with its low height requirement, is ideal for rebuilds where limited space is available.

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Energy efficient rotor unit

The Valmet Bale Pulper rotor delivers a high pumping effect with efficient defiberizing at low energy levels. In batch mode, medium-consistency (6-8%) ensures the high internal friction needed for efficient defibering. In continuous mode at lower consistencies (4-6%), the rotor tolerates variations in consistency without vortex disturbances.