Easy to operate and maintain

Cost efficient

High capacity filtration area

Solutions For Efficient Broke and Pulp Thickening

Valmet Gravity Thickener – better filtration ensures lower fresh water consumption and reduced chemical consumption

Valmet Thickeners are designed for all pulp types and for every stock preparation application. Valmet Gravity Thickeners ensure increased stock consistency and minimizes storage volumes.

Valmet gravity thickener

Valmet’s Gravity Thickeners guarantee highly efficient broke and pulp thickening, delivering high-capacity dewatering in a compact and cost-efficient process for a wide range of paper and board grades. The pulp is fed into one end of the rotating drum, and gravity causes the thickened pulp to drop from the wire to be discharged at the opposite end. The filtrate flows through the wire of the rotating drum, providing a large filtration area. Water sprayed from outside the drum keeps the wire clean.