Medium consistency hydrocyclones

Medium consistency hydrocyclones

Valmet offers medium consistency hydrocyclone technology that is designed to optimize efficiency. Typical medium consistency cleaning applications involve sand removal at approximately 2% consistency.


High energy savings, low reject rates

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Valmet Twister Hydrocyclone

An optimal solution for high-consistency, high-demand hydrocyclone applications. Operating at up to 2% consistency, this two-stage hydrocyclone features three forward hydrocyclones in one, single unit. Valmet Twister Hydrocyclone features Mid-cone Dilution Technology and delivers energy savings with lower applied energy and lower reject rates than conventional Hydrocyclones.

Valmet Hydrocyclone A1600

Featuring a turbo inlet head that helps reduce fiber losses and minimize the energy load, this hydrocyclone alternative is rooted in the legacy of Albia® hydrocyclone technology. Valmet Hydrocyclone A1600 was formerly known across the industry as the Albia® 1600 Hydrocyclone.