Hybrid filter for power boilers

Convert the existing Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) into a hybrid filter to meet allowed particulate emission

Lower the particulate emissions and unburned compounds in the flue gas and ensure consistent performance by converting the existing Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) into a hybrid filter. It’s a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require any major changes to the site layout and gives more efficient flue gas cleaning.

Convert existing ESP into a Hybrid Filter

Reduced emissions without major layout modifications

Cost-effective and easy implementation

Even more efficient flue gas cleaning

Meet tightening emission regulations

With tightening emission regulations it’s essential to have efficient flue gas cleaning to meet new requirements. Converting the existing ESP to a hybrid filter is a great way to lower particulate emissions for improved flue gas cleaning and in case of scrubber installed after ESP, to remove unburned compounds in the flue gas to prevent solid particles accumulation in scrubber wash water circulation and to reduce amount of wet sludge. . Optionally, if there is need to remove acid gases from flue gasses, hybrid filter can be equipped with hydrated lime or sodium bicarbonate injection. Safe and reliable operation is secured by added monitoring and safety for bag house filter section and by service agreement including Valmet industrial internet and regular asset management. 

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Cost-effective emission reducing solution 

Converting the existing ESP into a hybrid filter increases the efficiency of the existing installation without the need to replace the entire equipment. This means there’s no need for changes in the plant layout, saving both time and money. Converting to a hybrid filter has smaller investment cost, is easier to implement and has minimized boiler downtime required for installation compared to a new Bag House Filter (BHF). The expected lifetime of filter bags is longer on hybrid filter compared to only BHF due to ESP working as a pre-separator.