Adaptive electricity production for power plants

Seize the opportunities and adapt to the challenges presented by changes in the electricity market

Adaptive electricity production for power plants

An unpredictable electricity market with rising prices provides both challenges and opportunities. Valmet will help you adapt to new conditions and improve plant performance by improving efficiency, flexibility, and capacity through expert services, plant upgrades and automation.

Adapt production to demand and electricity prices

More sustainable production through increased efficiency

Improve plant profitability

Expert guidance and tailored solutions

Different plants need different solutions. To determine your specific needs, Valmet’s experts will review key elements such as operation data, plant design, and electricity and fuel prices. Based on the findings, individual advice on improvement areas is provided, followed by an execution plan offering everything from tuning optimization to upgrades and automation solutions.  

Our way to serve

Expertise & consultancy services

We map capacity, efficiency and flexibility bottlenecks, to give advice on improvement areas and execute activities to improve plant profitability.


Our expert's studies operation data and plant design, and electricity and fuel prices.


We give recommentations on improvements based on analysis of retrieved information.


We offer everything from tuning, optimizations to upgrades and automation solutions.

Boost production with improved efficiency

Increased production and minimized maintenance needs are the result of improved plant efficiency. To achieve this, Valmet offers services such as tuning and optimizing the boiler, automating flow control, and upgrades such as improved soot blowing and frequency control on pumps and fans.  

Optimize production timing

With increasingly rising and fluctuating electricity and fuel prices, having flexibility in production is especially important. Improving plant flexibility ensures that production adapts to electricity prices and heat demand so that profitability is maximized by adjusting production to the optimal production time and mode. 

Maximize production capacity and availability

Our experts will help you identify plant limitations and address issues to increase plant availability and production capacity. Proactive maintenance such as inspections, diagnostics, and monitoring will minimize unplanned shutdowns, while upgrades will directly increase production capacity.

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Case: Increase profitability by flexible electricity production

Background/challenge: Customer follows electricity prices and heat demand and tries to adjust production accordingly to be as profitable as possible


  • Tuning of control loops for faster response
  • Requires an accumulator

The results

  • Production adapted according to electricity pricing, resulting in up to 7% increased profit.

Case: Higher availability and reduced fossil dependency with reduced minimum boiler load

Background/challenge: A CHP plant that operates down to 30% load has to shut down during the  summer. Instead, a fossil oil hot water boiler runs to cover the heat demand.

Solution: Enabling operation with reduced bed area at low load improves the emission performance. Thus extends the operation range down to 20% thus eliminating the need to run the fossil burning plant.

The results

  • The ability to run on biofuel also during the summer
  • A reduction of CO2 emissions
  • In addition to heat, electricity may be generated in the biofuel plant

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