Waste Fuel Feeder for energy plants

Our unique feeding system ensures an even, accurately-controlled fuel flow for combustion of demanding waste fuels in fluidized bed boilers.

Valmet has developed a unique solution,  Valmet Waste Fuel Feeder. It is essential for efficient combustion of difficult fuels like sorted household waste, industrial waste, demolition waste, plastic and paper, etc.

Low emissions with few CO peaks

Minimal pressure variations in the furnace

The best conditions for efficient combustion in the furnacewings

Easy maintenance thanks to the plug-in system of the level roller

Dosing feeder (DF)

The dosing feeder is specially designed to maintain full dosing accuracy when handling difficult fuels. It is a volumetric feeder that produces an even layer of fuel of predetermined thickness. In the dosing bin the fuel level is measured by means of microwave monitoring and there is a level roller that prevents the fuel from packing or bridging. At the discharge end of the dosing feeder there is a scalping roller with rubber wings that peel off an even layer of fuel for perfectly consistent flow.

Rotary valve

The fuel is fed to a robustly dimensioned rotary valve that is designed to provide the ideal outgoing angle of fuel input. The rotary valve is equipped with rubber wings that bend aside for large particles. It has a heavy-duty drive system designed to avoid damage from uncrushable particles during normal operation. The rotary valve isolates the dosing feeder from furnace pressure, preventing air leakage into the furnace and working as a shield against backfire.

Questions about spare parts?

Questions about spare parts?

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