Neles™ M-series manual actuators

Manual actuators for reliable and economical operations

Neles M-series manual gear actuator is a hand wheel operated worm gear actuator with high efficiency for greater output torque. Can be more convenient and require less space than lever handles.

Long life

Low maintenance

Easy to operate

Proven performance


  • Cast iron body with metal gears and bearings
  • ISO 5211 mounting pattern
  • Fully enclosed and weather-proof
  • Factory lubricated for their lifetime
  • Wide range of sizes and torque outputs
  • Many available options including locking, high temperature, and marine and buried service
  • Adjustable stops for both open and closed positions
  • Highly visible position indication pointer


Output torque range 330 – 8400 Nm (243 – 6202 lb-ft)
Standard temperature range -20 °C to +80 °C (-4 °F to +176 °F)

Available with key drives


Provided with pre-sized hand wheel with shear pin to prevent damage from excessive input torque


Optional constructions available for special conditions