Neles™ XH ball valve

Forward-thinking design

The Neles XH ball valves by Valmet are a flagship in forward-thinking design. The needs and desires of our customers are the foundation for this comprehensive product family. It has been designed to deliver ease, reliability and superior sustainability across its entire lifecycle, taking all sides into consideration.

Performance through innovative engineering and proven technologies

Easy and safe selection, installation, commissioning and maintenance

Sustainable design for minimized risk of leakages and emissions

Complete series in terms of sizes, pressure classes and certifications

We’ve taken all sides into consideration

Designed to deliver performance

The expanded Neles XH product family leverages technologies that are both cutting-edge and field proven. As a part of many demanding processes ranging from oil & gas as well as petrochemical applications to many critical roles in renewable energy and hydrogen applications, these high-quality metal seated ball valves deliver safety, reliability and accuracy.

Sustainability has been one of the key objectives in the design of the Neles XH valves. In addition to a design that ensures virtually zero leaks and emissions, the lightweight design itself improves environmental performance by helping cut down on raw materials without compromising performance or safety.


Your choice has been made easy

There are many good reasons to select the Neles XH for your ball valve applications. Firstly, it is extremely easy to select and configure the exact valve to suit your process requirements. These valves are available in a full range of sizes and pressure classes. You can have them certified to your requirements and fitted with the desired materials, coatings and options, such as our world-renowned Q-trim technologies.

Thanks to its optimized sizing and reduced weight, our valves are also easy to install, commission, service, repair and replace. It even comes fitted with handy detachable lifting mounts that improve the ease and safety of handling. 

A decision you can live with

We at Valmet are all about the lifecycle benefits of owning and operating our Neles XH ball valves. We provide skilled project management support that is built on a strong presence during planning and commissioning. You will of course have access to local valve experts whenever and wherever they are needed as well as a wealth of installed base data that make smart asset management easier across your process’s entire lifecycle.

To even further the peace of mind you get when you choose Neles XH ball valves, we make sure that everything we deliver has been thoroughly tested at our state-of-the-art testing labs and facilities. While we promise to deliver innovative valve solutions, we make sure they are based on field proven technologies.