Flow control partner spotlight: IBEJ

May 16, 2024

Channel partners provide a valuable community to support our flow control customers all over the world. This time, we interviewed one of our newest Valmet partner community members, IBEJ, from Bosnia. They were recently awarded the Best New Partner prize at the European Distributor Days 2023. Read the interview with Dragan Čizmić, Executive Director at IBEJ, and watch the video.

Dragan Čizmić, Aleksandar Henc and Vedad Kadric

Could you describe your company in one sentence?  

IBEJ is a 20+ people engineering company with over 20 years of experience on providing high quality process instrumentation and control equipment and flow control to customers in the Bosnian market with a focus on comprehensive support and service.  

Can you tell us briefly about your history of cooperation with Valmet? 

The cooperation between Valmet and IBEJ has been short but successful. Originally, the partnership started as a gentlemen's agreement a couple of years ago, but after a good “trial” period, the official distributor agreement was signed in late autumn 2023. 

Can you give us a good example of one of your latest customer success cases?  

We recently delivered Neles and Flowrox control valves, valve controllers, automation and instrumentation for Adriatic Metal’s new silver and lead mine in Vares, Bosnia. Part of the flow control package also included Flowrox pumps. The advantage was that IBEJ has one particular employee solely dedicated to Valmet's flow control product offering who knows it well. 

What was the original challenge they had? Why did they end up choosing Valmet’s flow control solutions?  

The Vares project was very important for Adriatic Metals as it was their first project. We were able to provide a complete turnkey package, including consulting, flow control, automation, instrumentation, commissioning, and after sales support. Adriatic Metals needed one supplier who has experience in the field, who can provide full automation, and is able to help them quickly, if needed and, we’re located only one hour away by car.  

What are the results? 

So far the customer has been happy, and the Vares process plant begun operations in the beginning of March 2024. We’ve also made a customer success story about the case. Adriatic Metals sees us a reliable and sustainable partner, and we are also hoping to expand the collaboration to services and valve and pump maintenance. 

How would you describe the collaboration between you and Valmet?  

Our collaboration with Valmet has been very good. We already know many Valmet people and are very happy to be able to work with them. We feel that Valmet supports us, and it is not just words. Valmet has shown that in real life when you are faced with some challenges, these can be won.

Anything else you want to highlight?  

The most valuable aspect in IBEJ are people. We see the same approach for Valmet, and we really enjoy doing business with Valmet people. I see this as a valuable business relationship.

Aleksandar Henc, Valmet, and Vedad Kadric, IBEJ
Aleksandar Henc from Valmet and Vedad Kadric from IBEJ at Vares mine
In my opinion, business is conducted by people, not products or companies. We are very happy to work with Valmet people, and we enjoy doing business with them.
Dragan Čizmić, Executive Director, IBEJ

Flow control partner spotlight: IBEJ