“Five for five” with Leo Xiang

Nov 13, 2023

If you want to strike up a conversation to get to know Leo better, a good topic to start with would be asking about nonwovens. This he tells us with a smile on his face, but also with a touch of seriousness. Leo is truly passionate about this work and always eager to support the people around him.

Five for five with Leo Xiang

Leo joined the team in August 2022 as a product sales manager to further expand and develop the nonwovens business in China. Although he might be new to Valmet, he is anything but new to the industry. 

He has always been interested in technology and finds it rewarding to be able to guide customers in the right direction, presenting them with solutions to their needs. Believe it or not, but nonwovens are not his only passion in life. On his leisure time, he enjoys going to the food market to search for different ingredients and seasonings to make new recipes.  

1. Describe working at Valmet in one word?


2. How would you describe our team spirit? 

Unity, loyalty and contribution  

3. What motivates you?

Success! To prove my value by succeeding in my work  

4. What’s your favorite dish?

My favorite dish is braised fish in brown sauce. Usually, I purchase a special chili sauce over the internet from my hometown. Thanks to this sauce I can make it taste like my mom’s cooking.

5. If someone wanted to start getting to know you, what’s a good topic to start with? 

Haha….. the best topic to start with is nonwovens business, of course…



Leo enjoys cooking and going to the local market to search for ingredients for new recipes

Leo travelling together with his family

At the Valmet office. It's the Chinese year of the rabbit. 

“Five for five” with the Nonwovens Team

The Valmet nonwovens team members hold various positions and are located across the world. In this series we welcome you to get to know five of our colleagues by reading their answers to five quick questions.