Increase production efficiency with process surveys for Through Air Dryers

Nov 9, 2023

Do you want to understand how your equipment can be operated at full potential? With Valmet’s process surveys you receive a comprehensive report with improvements and suggestions for better runnability. It’s also a way to stay pro-active and detect irregularities before they become a greater issue.

A strong, talented team of professional Product Managers, with over 85 years of combined experience, are available to perform process surveys on your Valmet ThruAir® Drying and Bonding systems.

During Valmet’s visit to your facility the Product Managers collect data from your product, machine, air system, burners, and fans.  They can check air temperature, pressure and humidities, machine speed, basis weight, inlet, and outlet moisture from your product, burner operation and gas flow.

Jan Skawski, Valmet Product Manager, who is frequently performing these surveys.

During our visit we can collect various data from our customers’ equipment. Our recommendation can then serve as a compass for improvements. We aim to provide peace of mind for future production”


The data is then benchmarked to  specific operating conditions in the form of a process schematic including specific drying rates and energy .  

Some benefits are:

  • Professional Product Manger on site to provide a firsthand view of your equipment in order to discuss your needs.
  • Identify opportunities for production increases, give examples of options available with current equipment in place, ideas for running the system differently, suggest upgrades or replacements if needed.
  • Diagnose reliability, quality, and operational issues of product on the roll.
  • Identify any misbalance of air between the hood and the roll to improve runnability and energy efficiency.
  • Diagnose Burner reliability issues.
  • Optimize operation for energy consumption
  • Most visits do not require machine to be shut down. Trouble shooting and data collection is best done while the machine is in constant operation.
  • Visual mechanical inspections available for air system ducting and inside the hood and TAD roll.
  • Present options for Industrial Internet Solutions if available.

A few different levels of surveys are available to choose from, ranging from a full day to multiple days.  



Could this be beneficial for you?

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