Service Agreement leads to improved machine efficiency at Naini Papers Limited

Oct 14, 2022

A Service Agreement helps Naini Papers Limited to boost its overall machine efficiency, leading to increased production and improved paper quality.

Improved machine efficiency at Naini Papers

Ever since its establishment in 1995, the Indian paper manufacturer Naini Papers Limited (NPL) has steadily developed its operations by technology upgrades and process refinements. In 2020, NPL decided to pursue another improvement and contacted Valmet in order to discuss the performance of the mill’s PM2.

“Our target was to improve the machine efficiency for increased production, and to enhance the quality of the paper we produce. We are totally satisfied with Valmet’s approach and the results we have achieved together. All the time, Valmet has supported us wholeheartedly, and overall, it has been a delightful journey”, Pawan Agarwal, Managing Director of Naini Papers Limited, says.

Committing to mutually agreed targets

Valmet Service Agreement is always tailored to the customer’s needs needs whether it is about improving process performance, ensuring safe and reliable operations, or using the resources efficiently and reducing the environmental impact of the mill.

At NPL, the length of the agreement was agreed upon 12 months. It was mutually agreed to set KPI’s for breaks reduction, speed increase and profile improvements – all supporting the original target of improving the machine efficiency and paper quality.


In the first phase Valmet executed a very comprehensive audit on the machine analyzing all the process parameters and the paper we produce. I was impressed by the systematic approach Valmet’s experts had for defining the development areas and proposing solutions.”
Pawan Agarwal, Managing Director of Naini Papers Limited


A starting point for continuous collaboration

At the end of the agreement period, Managing Director Pawan Agarwal couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.

“The number of breaks has come down tremendously, the production speed and hence the overall efficiency of the machine has improved, and the quality of the paper has also significantly improved”, he says.


Being utterly happy with this experience, we are already now considering further modifications to our PM2 in co-operation with Valmet. I believe our collaboration will continue for years to come – something that will enable us to develop and grow as a company.”
-Pawan Agarwal


For Valmet, the shared journey so far has been similarly rewarding.

“From the beginning, we were able to create an open and positive working environment with NPL, providing us with a thorough understanding of the customer’s situation, and the possibility to provide the right solutions at the right time. The results speak for themselves – we were truly able to move the customer’s performance forward. The agreement is also a great example of what it means to have close collaboration with the customer, our local team in India and Valmet’s overseas teams. We are looking forward to the future and what we can achieve together”, Ankit Arya, Service Manager, Valmet, says.

Text: Marianne Valta

Image: Naini Papers