Valmet Celebrates Grand Opening of Trois-Rivières Facility

Nov 23, 2023

Colleagues, customers, and key stakeholders recently came together to host a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Valmet sales office in Trois-Rivières in Quebec, Canada, North America.

This 16,800 ft2 facility, located at 4141 Boulevard St-Jean, Suite 300, Trois-Rivieres, QC G9B 2M8 Canada, is home to approximately 60 employees.  

 Grand Opening event at Trois-Rivieres

From left to right: Pierre Gelinas, Business Manager, Board & Paper Machine Improvement Projects, Valmet; Daniel Brouillette, Director, Pulp & Energy Solutions; Pierre Richer, Country Manager, Canada; Maxime Couture, CMA Construction; Yvan Parent, Engineering & Development Manager, Valmet; Jeff Arcand, CMA Construction; Steve Shartrand, Senior Operations Advisor, Valmet; Richard Noel, Provencher Roy, Interior Designer; Drew Humphries, Vice President, Pulp & Energy Solutions, and Kim Tetreault, Provencher Roy, Interior Designer 

The celebration consisted of presentations from Valmet management, a ribbon cutting ceremony, tours of the new space, a Virtual Mill demo from the Valmet Automation Systems team, and a luncheon. With over 70 people in attendance including colleagues, local media, customers, the architect, building owner, and interior design and construction teams; Valmet was pleased to share the new modern work environment. 

Coming together to celebrate the grand opening

Presenting the new office

Yvan Parent, Project lead and Engineering & Development Manager, Valmet, said employees were able to move to the new office in September and added, “Everyone was very excited as many were involved in different aspects during the design process. What strikes us when we enter the new office is the natural brightness of the space. The office set-up is very efficient with everyone on the same floor, and everyone equipped with an ergonomic adjustable desk!” 

Collaboration areas are incorporated in the space which also include: 

  • A cafeteria 
  • Gym  
  • Large training room and a board room 
  • Additional meeting rooms located closer to the working teams, all of them named according to major nearby rivers (St-Laurent, St-Maurice, Becancour, Batiscan) 

The new Valmet Trois-Rivieres office

Local employees also shared, 

The space has a professional and modern look, abundance of natural light, motivating, functional, nice collaboration spaces, more communication, breath of fresh air and new synergy, increased exchange between colleagues.” 

Celebrating the Grand Opening of the new Trois-Rivieres office