Solving problems with a service attitude

May 12, 2017

“Valmet has always met our expectations with their quick response times, and exclusive and specific solutions for our needs. Valmet is clearly committed to serving us,” says Young Lu, Vice President of Production of Ji’an Group.

Valmet Service in cooperation with Ji’an Group

The coated white-top liner machine PM 3 at Ji’an Group, China, was started up in 2011. The Valmet-supplied machine is equipped with curtain coating technology.

Recently, an uneven cross-direction roughness profile in the base board caused some problems. Experts from Ji’an and Valmet joined forces to find a solution. The decision was made to install a Valmet Breast Roll Shaker* to improve the formation and board quality.

Improved performance in formation and strength

In PM 3, the roughness at the edges was higher than in the middle of the web, requiring either frequent changes of coating blades to achieve the desired high quality or acceptance of downgrading the end product. Since the market for coated white-top liner is highly competitive in China and the price difference between grades A and B is EUR 14 per tonne, a solution was needed. How could Ji’an maximize profit by improving paper quality while simultaneously decreasing their operating costs?

A field study and analysis found that improving the formation was the best way to improve the roughness profile. First, there were trials to adjust the edge flow with the existing equipment, but since the results were not as good as expected, they opted for a Valmet Breast Roll Shaker to improve the formation.

The installation took only three days, and the start-up was successful. The new breast roll shaker has now been running for over eight months, and it has met Ji’an’s expectations. Paper quality, smoothness and printability have improved as was expected – and guaranteed.

Young Lu, Vice President of Production of Ji'an Group   Valmet is a long-term partner of Ji’an Group. Yong Lu, Vice President of Production, is happy with the long cooperation: “We have been working with Valmet for six years, and during that time, Valmet has demonstrated an excellent ability to support and help us with solving actual production issues, like cost savings and board quality improvement. Valmet has always met our expectations with their quick response times, and exclusive and specific solutions for our needs. 
Valmet is clearly committed to serving us, and we are convinced we should continue our cooperation. This project was no exception: everything was on time, Valmet’s service attitude was superb, and the end result is excellent.”


Valmet Breast Roll Shaker

  • Improved paper formation and strength
  • Better printability and smoothness
  • Better formation and stock furnish construction
  • Electricity savings, less beating energy consumption, less steam consumption
  • Savings on raw material, reduced production costs
  • More convenient operation and maintenance


Ji’an PM 3 produces premium-quality coated white-top liner for the Chinese market, with a production capacity of 600,000 tonnes a year. The web width at the reel is 7,250 mm, and the machine operates at 1,200 m/min. Ji’an Group produces first-class packaging boards from recycled fiber. The production capacity is over 1.3 million tonnes per year, and the company has retained its market share in the most recent financial year.


*earlier known as FormMaster

Valmet’s service attitude was superb, and the end result is excellent.”
Yong Lu, Vice President of Production