Simplifying vintage recovery boiler operation and maintenance

Apr 8, 2015

Valmet Smelt Spout System benefitsMany vintage recovery boilers were designed with two dissolving tanks and more spouts than required. The number of spouts selected was based on a capacity of approximately 700,000 lb DS/day per spout. Valmet's spouts have a design capacity of up to 1.4 million lb DS/day each. Converting to Valmet Smelt Spouts can reduce the number of spouts needed. For those mills with two dissolving tanks on a boiler, the opportunity now exists to eliminate one of the tanks, reducing operating and maintenance costs.

The Valmet Smelt Spout System, with micro-hoods and dual shatter jets, offers numerous improvements to vintage installations. Customers praise the spout system based on its improved shattering with significant steam savings, increased safety, reduced load on the vent stack, easier operation and of course, reduced maintenance. Steam savings alone often pays for the upgrade!

Easy change out of Valmet Smelt Spout

Eliminating one dissolving tank provides for easier density control, reduced maintenance, and lower operating costs. It also removes a danger area around the boiler as spouts decks require additional PPE.

There are many disadvantages using old smelt spout technology. Some of these disadvantages include:

  • Higher safety risk to operators
  • Excessive build up and hood wear
  • Poor accessibility for cleaning
  • Frequent build-up of “clinkers,” which can cause explosions
  • Higher risk of corrosion on lower wall header

Proven technology

For more information about reducing the number of dissolving tanks with Valmet's Smelt Spout System, contact your Valmet representative.