Valmet's IR activities in 2023

Jan 8, 2024

A successful CMD, an exciting site visit in China and many other events highlighted Valmet Investor Relations’ year 2023. Through this blog, we want to share with you some of the most memorable moments we experienced during the past year.

Capital Markets Day: Setting the stage for success

Valmet's Capital Markets Day in Espoo, Finland, held on March 8, 2023, was an important event for investors and Valmet’s management alike. With presentations from the CEO and CFO as well as all five business line presidents, the day offered a unique opportunity for direct engagement. The event allowed investors to delve into Valmet's strategic vision and discuss matters "offline" during breaks, fostering meaningful interactions. 40 guests attended the event in person and over 400 via webcast, accentuating the significance of such occasions for both Valmet and its investor community. President and CEO Pasi Laine's opening remarks highlighted Valmet’s firm financial foundation, showcasing impressive growth, a balanced net sales split, and a robust margin. Pasi emphasized Valmet's commitment to sustainability which is also recognized by different rating agencies. The Sustainability 360o agenda, coupled with R&D focus areas defined together with customers, further cement Valmet's position as a major player driving industries forward with a mission to convert renewable resources into sustainable results. Pasi also presented Valmet’s six investment highlights:

Valmet CMD 2023 investment highlights

You can access the CMD webpage here.

CFO Katri Hokkanen, President and CEO Pasi Laine and VP, Investor Relations Pekka Rouhiainen at Valmet CMD 2023
CFO Katri Hokkanen, President and CEO Pasi Laine and VP, Investor Relations Pekka Rouhiainen at Valmet CMD 2023

Year of acquisitions: Valmet's way forward

Throughout the year, Valmet made acquisitions in alignment with its strategy. The acquisitions of Körber's business area Tissue, Siemens’ Process Gas Chromatography, and Demuth (woodhandling) strengthen all of Valmet’s three segments, complement Valmet’s current offering and enable us to serve our customers even better in the future. The acquisitions remained as a hot topic in investor and analyst discussions throughout the year.

Chinese Odyssey: An insightful site visit

Valmet Investor Relations arranged a site visit to Valmet's Shanghai factory in Jiading on November 14, 2023, offering investors and analysts a thorough view into Valmet's operations in China. The plant has an area of 150,000 m2 and employs 800 people of which 70% work in the Paper business line, while the rest represent Services, Pulp and Energy, Automation, and support functions. Led by Xiangdong Zhu, Area President, China, and Ilkka Jauhiainen, Vice President, China Operations, Paper Business Line, the event celebrated Valmet's 90-year long history in China and its strong presence across all five business lines in the area.  With 2,350 employees across seven production units, the China Area’s strong performance amounted to EUR 694 million in net sales, constituting 12% of Valmet's total revenue during the last reported twelve months (Oct 2022 to Sep 2023). The tour highlighted Valmet Jiading's impressive infrastructure, showcasing its advanced manufacturing capabilities, while emphasizing Valmet's strategic focus on innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in navigating China's evolving economic landscape and prosperous pulp and paper industry. As Valmet continues to develop its foothold in China, the company remains well-positioned to drive the industry forward, leveraging its market prowess and well-considered investments.

See more about our visit in China through the following links:

Valmet IR site visit in Shanghai 2023
Valmet hosts and visitor group at Valmet Jiading

Successful investor engagement through multiple channels

In 2023, Valmet held 32 roadshow days (21 travel roadshows and 11 virtual) in 12 countries and over 280 investor meetings and conference calls, which were participated by 240 different investment companies. Valmet's roadshows received excellent feedback from investors and analysts. These interactions served as forums for in-depth discussions, highlighting Valmet's strategic vision, continuous improvement and renewal, and consistent progress, fostering deeper investor engagement. Valmet’s extensive IR website also continued to receive positive feedback as well as the IR Instagram account (@valmet_sijoituskohteena) targeted for Finnish private investors, which has already over 1,250 followers!

Over 100,000 shareholders: Thank you for your trust!

In 2023, Valmet joined the exclusive group of Finnish companies with over 100,000 shareholders. According to Euroclear, as of December 31, 2023, Valmet had 100,752 shareholders. The growth in the number of shareholders has been remarkable: just under five years ago, at the beginning of 2019, Valmet had around 44,000 shareholders. Valmet has garnered broad interest among private investors. We thank all shareholders for their trust and will do our utmost to deliver a good return on investment!

New consensus tool: Improved design with same old strong quality

Together with Vara Research, Valmet IR renewed its consensus tool on Valmet’s website. The new tool has improved design and usability and highlights key consensus estimates provided by our analysts. The most frequently used estimates can now be found directly from Valmet’s IR page. A more detailed consensus is still available on the Vara Research platform which you can also access through Valmet’s IR website. Check out the updated consensus tool here.

In conclusion, year 2023 provided us many unforgettable moments here at Valmet Investor Relations. Now, it is time to close one chapter and move to the next.

From all of us to all of you: happy new year!

Valmet IR team at Shanghai factory
Valmet's IR team at Jiading factory