Learning technologies

Modern tools to support your learning, anywhere, at any time

Our learning eco system gives you the tools you need for successful execution of your learning strategies. Learn about process, equipment, and systems. Practice procedures, scenarios and safety measures.

The tools you need to meet your learning targets

24/7 access to essential learning resources

Practice procedures and scenarios in a safe environment

Quality training to suit your requirements 

Training is an essential part of Valmet’s long-term customer relationship. To see that our customers get the most out of their equipment, systems and processes, we provide quality training to suit your requirements, whether it is at the very beginnings with a new plant, or as refresher training to ensure employees are up-to-date. Courses range from basic levels to master level. Instruction can take place on or off site through a variety of means, including e-learning, simulations, and extended reality, and can be self-paced or led by Valmet’s experienced instructors.

We continuously develop our training tools and methods to enhance your learning experience”