Valmet Chip Bin VB

Valmet Chip bin VB is a conical chip bin primarily designed to handle raw materials with favorable flow characteristics, normally seen with a even sizes and shape distribution. It should also be relatively free from impurities such as sawdust, shavings, bark and pin chips since their presence greatly increases the risk of bridging, especially when used with pre-steaming.

Valmet Chip Bin VB consists of an upper shell, a bottom part with an internal cone acting both as a chip stack pressure relief system and a steam distribution device, this then is finished off with an outlet part of variable sizes to match the following machines.

With springs and drawbars the bottom part is freely suspended from the upper shell and sealed off with a flexible rubber cloth. This setup allows the bottom part to be externally vibrated with a electrical vibrator to improve the material flow considerably by reducing the bridging tendencies in the chip bin.

The internal SteamCone that serves to evenly distribute steam in the center of the chip stack also acts to relief the chip stack pressure exerted on the outlet part to ensure an even material flow with the purpose to optimize the dewatering performance of the plug screw feeder which results in less moisture entering the dryer.

Our new improved chip bin

The new Chip Bin VB consist of an new inner cone with optimum geometry for improved feeding. The bottom part of the bin is attached with a new improved hanger and sealing system for an improved lifetime. Additional Feed Enhancing is sold as an option. the new lower feeding part is centered and has an optimized chute to the plug screw. The lower parts is also adaptable to previous generations of Valmet Chip Bin.


Development of the second generation chip bin is a combination of our long knowledge and expertise in the fiberboard industry together with trials. In our trials we have been testing more than 90 different shapes to find the optimum geometry.

Material available for download

Valmet Chip Bin VB
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Our expertise is at your service

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